Our Philosophy

about movement Our Movement Philosophy

Movement education is understanding how your body prefers to move. By improving movement efficiency through balance, coordination, strength and flexibility daily activities are performed with confidence, and ease; preventing injuries and general wear and tear of the body. This is taught and practiced through many different mediums, such as functional movements, yoga or nature exploration.



Our Nutrition Philosophyabout nutrition

Nutrition education addresses the fole food plays in maintaining a healthy body. By consuming real and raw foods as a foundational diet we give the body all the nessassary building blocks for natural defenses against disease, improved tissue durability and overall health; leading to improved mood and increases in energy and stamina. Our nutrition classes teach how to identify real foods and how to cook these foods for any occasion.



about leadership Our Leadership Philosophy

Leadership education focus on 5 key aspects of leadership; focusing on the positives, leading by example, effective communication, motivating yourself and others, and listening skills. We teach and practice these skills using outdoor adventures ranging from ropes courses, whitewater rafting, to horseback riding.

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